Tadori Events started with a team of only three people and now it has blossomed to include multiple departments of specialties. Each group specializes in one thing… making your dreams come true. Empowered by design, a knowledgeable team and superior quality of service, Tadori has become a company synonymous with fostering originality, talent and ingenuity within the Southern California event management landscape. Together, Tadori Events imagines new experiences for their clients and guests, always creating something fresh, magical and new!


jason tadeo

director of events

Jason Tadeo's taste in design is summarized as, 'Elegant with a splash of whimsy'. Tadeo is one of three founders that created Tadori Events on May 2007, but his passion for events started long ago. With numerous debutante balls, parties, anniversaries and choreography as a foundation, Jason Tadeo has pushed the envelope for modest indulgence. He believes in an upscale feel for fractions of the price.

Jason comes from a large Filipino/Hawaiian family that places extreme emphasis in the taste of good food, sound of great music and ambiance for memorable moments. Jason Tadeo attended California State University of Long Beach and graduated in Financial Investments and Business Management. He is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and chocolate. His focus in Tadori Events is to keep budgets on track while transporting his guests into a world of elegance, magic and whimsical escapes.

dean paul jones

director of design

Growing up as an only child, he was known to be extremely shy and would only open up to a chosen few. Dean was not like most kids who wanted to play basketball or play video games all day. Rather, he enjoyed the artistic lifestyle such as drawing, painting and listening to classical music with his dad. Simple as it may sound, Dean's over-the-top thinking began at an early age, as he would let his imagination run wild. For instance, he would flood his front yard with water and invite all the kids on the block to run their bikes through it, mimicking a certain attraction at Disneyland. It was then, when he realized that he found pleasure in seeing his friends laugh, smile and scream in the environment he alone created and controlled.

Thus, foreshadowing his future in advertising and event management. Dean has defined himself by his strong passion for detail and to invent the unexpected. From the quiet boy he was, emerged a confident and creative man thanks to the many experiences while attending Cal State Dominguez Hills. With these trials he was able to become a person capable of creating new ideas and designs with the ability to change the very world we live in. Always delivering the wow factor in everything he does, Dean has never failed to please, paving a bright and successful future for himself.



maria radacsi


As a result of being an only child, Maria Clarizze learned to be very active and social in many aspects of her life. Having studied Communications and participating as a Director for Operations for Tadori Events, Radacsi understands that teamwork, sacrifice and hard work are crucial in a business.

rex de leon


Rex De Leon is Tadori Events very own lighting specialist. Being responsible for Tadori Event's business development Rex de Leon uses the knowledge and experiences he has gained through past events and collaborations with various businesses in the South Bay Area. Working full time with Tadori Events, he has implemented numerous processes and value systems for Tadori and its clients. Rex De Leon has earned a double major in Business Management and Business Marketing at California State University of Long Beach.

De Leon assists Tadori envision concepts not just for clients, but for future events hosted by Tadori. Since Rex De Leon works with a talented creative team on numerous social and developmental projects, he is able to ensure that every detail comes together to full realization. Rex De Leon is a hot commodity in event logistics, business development and adds to the plethora of talent within Tadori Events.


lisa bonseigneur


Ranked as one of Los Angeles’ best invitation designer, Lisa Bonseigneur is immensely popular in the wedding business. Graduating from Westwood College in Graphic Design and Multimedia and consulting many specialty invitation boutiques around the Los Angeles since 2000; Bonseigneur has honed her skills as an invitation specialist and is spreading her wings into the event world, adding her special touch to every event. She has a talented eye in décor and aesthetics and an equally discerning taste when it comes to debut and wedding designs. Bonseigneur’s personal likes trend to vintage elegance with quality materials.

dan huynh


Always in the right place at the right time, Dan Huynh was destined to become a renowned photographer. Based in the South Bay, Huynh has worked with many high profile companies, art studios and celebrity clienteles.  From a very early age, he was fascinated with the balance of structure, light, motion and emotion. He began photographing whatever piqued his interest. What started as a hobby quickly became a career as the Hollywood social scene opened up for him. He teamed up with local bloggers, models and contemporary artists. He currently works as an editorial and fashion photographer for local and online media outlets. Tadori is excited to have Huynh’s skill set in the Tadori family and look forward to his creative visions. 



lori piedad


Lori Piedad lives and breathes art. She is the newest addition to Tadori Events and we are blessed to have such a talented individual on the team. Piedad graduated from the Art Institute of California and is Tadori's website developer. Her eye for aesthetics and balance is vital to keep choreographed numbers, invitation design, and event ambiance; interesting and surprising.


william sweeney


With a background specializing in technical detail, William Sweeney proves a valuable asset to the Tadori Events team. William Sweeney possesses a wide spectrum of skills that are in demand in event production. Sweeney's education and critical thinking skills allow him to face many of today's problems with innovative solutions.

William Sweeney is fond of the arts; a self-proclaimed eclectic soul, he is open to various kinds of music from around the world. Sweeney's eye for artistic detail brings his creations to life in style where some would sacrifice for functionality, a virtue in the world of Tadori Events.


chris wu


Chris Wu first gained experience bartending in the fast paced restaurant world of Taiwan. Since then, he has established a base in Los Angeles and brings his depth of knowledge of mixology to every Tadori event. Chris is a master Taste Consultant, winning several accolades and awards for his cocktails.  

When Chris is not providing Tadori clients with fantastic cocktails, he spends his time pursuing his other passion: acting in television and film.